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System elements

Identification tools

TE-FOOD provides affordable identification tools for each step in the supply chain.

Security seals (1D/2D barcodes)

Sunshine and water resistant printing, non-toxic material. Security seals are used to identify livestock, transport trucks, and fresh food packages.

Label stickers (2D barcodes)

QR codes combined with easily recognizable color codes (colorgram) for visual validity check. Label stickers are applied to individual food packages in retail.

RFID tags

High quality RFID eartags for specific animals and easier reading. Planned implementation for cattles.

Printed paper bags (2D barcodes)

Paper and plastic bags with printed, TE-FOOD compatible QR code.

B2B mobile app

TE-FOOD provides a multilingual mobile admin app, optimized for low-end phones.

Using the app is role based, each role (e.g. farm, slaughterhouse, etc.) has its own processes, menus, functions. The functions focus on

  • Logistics transactions - sending and receiving transports
  • Food safety information - providing weight, feeding, vaccination, etc. information
  • Identification tool management - ordering and logistics of identification tools

The mobile app uses the phone's camera to read 1D/2D barcodes to identify items (livestock, transport, food product) as part of processes.

Back office system

A web based back office system allows the operator to watch all master and transactional data generated in the system.

TE-FOOD is open towards companies with third-party logistics or traceability solutions. Traceability information can be sent to the system through standard interfaces.

Reporting tools

Supply chain participants get daily, weekly, monthly reports about their activities.

Consumer mobile app

Product origin verification and history insight with an easy to use, free public mobile app.

  • Read and verify QR code
  • Read product history
  • Learn more about the suppliers

The mobile app is available for Android and IOS.